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Recycled Metal Art Sculputes

Sculpture Creations Using Recycled Metal


A welder by trade, an artist at heart.

The first gift I made my wife was a four foot flower. I used a brake rotor as the base, a fan from our old central air unit as the petals, and old Chevelle fenders for leaves.  I presented this sculpture to her for Mother's day about twenty years ago and it still sits nestled in a flower bed.  For the past two decades I have gifted her various forms of flowers and cats for birthdays and Christmas presents. 

This past year I made a sculpture from a strut spring and sheet metal for my sister's birthday.  The sculpture resembled her dachshund and my whole family loved it.  So after heeding the advice of my brother, I opened up my Etsy store in September of 2017 and I am having a great time attending craft shows as an artist now.  My goal is to create metal art sculptures that will make others smile.

The concept of creating sculptures from recycled materials is a challenge.   I find enjoyment in taking various recycled items and envisioning different ideas than what the objects were intended for.  I feel fortunate to have found something that I enjoy and can share with others. 

For Sale On Etsy

The first step in creating a sculpture is finding the material to use.  That is what makes each one of these sculpture's unique.  From the west side of Detroit to Gladwin County, each individual piece is selected with a vision in mind.  If you would like to purchase any of these sculptures click on the photo and it will redirect you to my Esty store https://www.etsy.com/shop/Detroitsjunkyarddog .


Blood, sweat, and a lot of imagination goes into these sculptures.  Check out some past custom orders.

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